Downtown Los Angeles has always been one of the region's major employment centers. The heart of Downtown's employment center is the Central Business District (CBD), home to Bunker Hill, the Civic Center and portions of Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Financial District and the Fashion District, employing more than 300,000 workers. Within each of these districts are some of the nation's largest employers.

Downtown is also home to the Flower, Produce, Toy and Seafood Markets. Most notably, Downtown is home to many federal, state, county and city facilities, including the MWD headquarters, the Ronald Reagan Building (which houses the offices of the State of California), Los Angeles City Hall, Los Angeles County Courthouse and Los Angeles Central Library.

LA Live (including Nokia Theater, Grammy Museum, ESPN headquarters, restaurants, theaters and the JW Marriot and Ritz-Carlton Hotels), Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center are located just south of the Downtown Core and are within a few blocks of Major Properties’ office building. The proposed return of professional football to Los Angeles may occur at Farmer’s Field, which is also within walking distance of our office.

Other employment centers in the downtown Los Angeles area include the Los Angeles Center Studios, bringing Hollywood to the downtown area with six sound stages and a 550-seat theater.

The University of Southern California (USC), one of the nation's premier private universities, is located just south of the Downtown area.

Major Properties
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Brokerage Services

In addition to the following 10-point marketing plan that we implement to successfully sell or lease real property, there are a few very important comments that need to be mentioned regarding our brokerage services:

Major Properties is one of the largest independent commercial, industrial and residential real estate brokerages in the Los Angeles marketplace. The Los Angeles real estate climate is one that requires creativity and diligence to make deals happen. It is important to retain the brokerage firm that has the experience and skills necessary to locate today's buyers or lessees. With almost half a century of experience, we have the talent and skills necessary to successfully market property.

Major Properties employs web access to, which enables us to retrieve all relevant data on any property in Los Angeles County. In addition, we have access to a large pool of individual and institutional investors, who are always on the lookout for new purchases.

By being one of the largest independents, we have the benefit of all the tools of the national brokerages without any of the "red tape", and as a result we can get things done very quickly. We have been located at the same address in Downtown Los Angeles since our founding and are very much in touch with the potential buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees for commercial, industrial and residential real estate.

Property owners usually hire the individuals that they have the highest degree of confidence in to market their real estate. We feel that we offer the personal dedication and commitment necessary to locate the right buyer or lessee.

Because we are a boutique firm, we offer our clients the flexibility to choose additional marketing muscle not usually available with other companies. This may include special targeted mailings, select newspaper or web advertising, email campaigns and catered open houses.

Marketing Plan


Large, attention getting, four-color FOR SALE or FOR LEASE signs are placed on the building and/or land. Signs are positioned for maximum visibility and impact. Due to Major Properties' large proliferation of highly recognizable signs throughout greater Los Angeles, we receive many calls daily. Signage serves as a significant part of our overall marketing strategy.


A 2-color/2-sided brochure is designed to feature a photograph of the property, and includes proximity maps and/or layouts of the land and building. The brochure also features detailed information about each property: Address, location, square footage, dimensions, zone, amenities, parking spaces, possible uses, sale price and/or lease rate, who to contact, etc. Residential brochures include exterior and interior photos, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and amenities, in addition to sale or rental prices.


An integral part of our marketing effort is a targeted direct mail campaign to potential buyers or renters, investors, developers and the larger commercial/ industrial or residential brokerage community. Mailings vary from letters and flyers to postcards, and are followed up by telephone or person-to-person contact and repeated and/or modified at appropriate intervals. Our mailing lists are the most recent and are updated regularly. The combination of personal calls, letters and brochures used in this program dramatically enhances the effectiveness of our marketing plan. Active marketing is the most effective.


Major Properties’ marketing department may advertise the availability of listed property in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal, Daily News, Wall Street Journal, and/or Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese foreign language newspapers.


Our web site includes pertinent information about our company and staff, in addition to a filtered search capability to view one or all of our offerings. Individual listings include photos, detailed information about each property, contact information, a PDF brochure and mapping.


The individual listing agent or broker is responsible for making personal calls to the clients, sellers, renters, users, investors and developers who are the most likely prospects for buying or leasing property. Major Properties does not simply sit back and wait for the calls to come in. Further, unlike some of our larger, better known competitors, we don't spread ourselves thin with too many listings or delegate responsibility to a new trainee.


Advance notice and announcement information, brochures and property data sheets are provided to every salesperson on the Major Properties team.


Major Properties recognizes the importance of working with other brokers in Southern California. The number of prospects grows immeasurably with proper promotion to the brokerage community. For every industrial listing, we publish a brochure in the A.I.R. and CDX Multiples. Commercial listings are posted on LoopNet and CoStar, and residential offerings are published on The MLS and other residential web sites. Again, unlike some of our largest competitors, we return our fellow broker's calls promptly and treat each call with the utmost care and respect!


Major Properties communicates regularly with Sellers and Lessors regarding our marketing activities. A thorough analysis of the entire project is performed, and recommendations for any changes in the marketing program are made. In addition, future plans are developed.


The most important tool that we use to effectively market our properties today is the World Wide Web. We list each property with professional real estate web sites like the A.I.R. eMultiple, CDX, CoStar and The MLS, as well as consumer web sites like LoopNet and Zillow. These postings expose our listings to both real estate professionals and individuals throughout the world.

As part of our aggressive marketing program, we also email selected property flyers to over 25,000 clients, principals, investors, developers, CPA's, attorneys and owner operators, in addition to commercial, industrial and residential agents and brokers. This program has proven to be very successful and many transactions have been finalized as a result.